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Kate & Alex – Inns of Aurora Wedding

Kate and Alex did not have the perfect wedding…what they had was beautiful despite heartache. Kate was suffering the tremendous loss of her very dear step-father who had suddenly passed just prior to their wedding. The perfect wedding would have had him escorting her down the aisle and she would have danced with him rather than her mother for the parent dances. He would have been present for the clever toasts and loving words shared by her maid of honor and Alex’s best man. I have never witnessed such strength and grace in the midst of grief, she was a rock. Alex you are terribly lucky to have found such a kind and resilient person to share your life with, I suspect that she draws from you those qualities I so admired in her on your wedding day. You both are such lovely people and I can only image a wonderful future for you as you grow old together. Thank you for reminding me that although life is sometimes painful, if you can muster the strength to look past the turmoil, there is always beauty around us…as long as you choose to see it. Inns of Aurora you have done it again, a lovely backdrop to a beautiful celebration.

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