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Delmonico Family – Skaneateles Family Photography

The Delmonicos welcomed me into their home early one morning, the two oldest were still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes while the two youngest were still in bed when I started documenting their daily routine. I am so grateful they allowed me to start early because I love capturing the seemingly forgettable moments of life. It’s rewarding when I transform something ordinary into a cherished family photograph. Thanks to the Delmonicos for trusting me and allowing me to immerse myself into a typical day. Here are a few from our family lifestyle session…

Skaneateles Family Photography-01Skaneateles Family Photography-02Skaneateles Family Photography-03Skaneateles Family Photography-04Skaneateles Family Photography-05Skaneateles Family Photography-06Skaneateles Family Photography-07Skaneateles Family Photography-08Skaneateles Family Photography-09Skaneateles Family Photography-010Skaneateles Family Photography-011Skaneateles Family Photography-012Skaneateles Family Photography-013Skaneateles Family Photography-014Skaneateles Family Photography-015Skaneateles Family Photography-016Skaneateles Family Photography-017Skaneateles Family Photography-018Skaneateles Family Photography-019Skaneateles Family Photography-020Skaneateles Family Photography-021Skaneateles Family Photography-022Skaneateles Family Photography-023Skaneateles Family Photography-024Skaneateles Family Photography-025Skaneateles Family Photography-026Skaneateles Family Photography-027Skaneateles Family Photography-028Skaneateles Family Photography-029Skaneateles Family Photography-030Skaneateles Family Photography-031Skaneateles Family Photography-032Skaneateles Family Photography-033

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