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Beth and Tyler were married on a steamy and stormy August day which certainly kept us on our toes. Although it may sound odd, I am really pleased that the rain forced us to abandon our initial plan because we found a lovely location near their reception at The Genesee Grande Hotel, sometimes problems become blessings! Life and weddings don’t always go as planned but things usually work out in the end…it’s important remember to focus on the positives and to savor the wonderful moments which are so plentiful (and fleeting)! I wish Beth and Tyler a marriage filled with more sunny days than stormy but at least they know they can weather the stormy days with beauty and grace!

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We don’t get to see our extended family enough but we were lucky this year when almost all of the Colorado Buttolphs vacationed on Skaneateles lake (we missed you Ed, Andrew, and the twins)! Here are a few of my favorites from a perfect summer evening, keep me in mind to photograph your next family gathering…I love capturing all the little moments that make up life.

Fingerlakes Family Photographer-01Fingerlakes Family Photographer-02Fingerlakes Family Photographer-03Fingerlakes Family Photographer-04Fingerlakes Family Photographer-05Fingerlakes Family Photographer-06Fingerlakes Family Photographer-07Fingerlakes Family Photographer-08Fingerlakes Family Photographer-09Fingerlakes Family Photographer-010Fingerlakes Family Photographer-011Fingerlakes Family Photographer-012Fingerlakes Family Photographer-013Fingerlakes Family Photographer-014Fingerlakes Family Photographer-015Fingerlakes Family Photographer-016Fingerlakes Family Photographer-017Fingerlakes Family Photographer-018Fingerlakes Family Photographer-019Fingerlakes Family Photographer-020

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I love the way Nita and Kai look at each other, it’s the kind of love and affection that really warms your heart to witness. We started at the Rowland House, it doesn’t get much better than a first look next to the Greek-folly overlooking the lake. For their ceremony and reception we made our way to the Inns of Aurora. The sunset was spectacular, the ENTIRE wedding made their way to the shore to watch the brilliant colors transform the lake. It was a pleasure to document their intimate Inns of Aurora wedding day, working with a couple that is so clearly in love with each other is a dream! I wish you a marriage as brilliant as your wedding day, thank you for allowing me to document your beautiful day!

Inns of Aurora Wedding-01Inns of Aurora Wedding-02Inns of Aurora Wedding-03Inns of Aurora Wedding-04Inns of Aurora Wedding-05Inns of Aurora Wedding-06Inns of Aurora Wedding-07Inns of Aurora Wedding-08Inns of Aurora Wedding-09Inns of Aurora Wedding-010Inns of Aurora Wedding-011Inns of Aurora Wedding-012Inns of Aurora Wedding-013Inns of Aurora Wedding-014Inns of Aurora Wedding-015Inns of Aurora Wedding-016Inns of Aurora Wedding-017Inns of Aurora Wedding-018Inns of Aurora Wedding-019Inns of Aurora Wedding-020Inns of Aurora Wedding-021Inns of Aurora Wedding-022Inns of Aurora Wedding-023Inns of Aurora Wedding-024Inns of Aurora Wedding-025Inns of Aurora Wedding-026Inns of Aurora Wedding-027Inns of Aurora Wedding-028Inns of Aurora Wedding-029Inns of Aurora Wedding-030Inns of Aurora Wedding-031Inns of Aurora Wedding-032Inns of Aurora Wedding-033Inns of Aurora Wedding-034Inns of Aurora Wedding-035Inns of Aurora Wedding-036Inns of Aurora Wedding-037Inns of Aurora Wedding-038Inns of Aurora Wedding-039Inns of Aurora Wedding-040Inns of Aurora Wedding-041Inns of Aurora Wedding-042Inns of Aurora Wedding-043Inns of Aurora Wedding-044Inns of Aurora Wedding-045Inns of Aurora Wedding-046Inns of Aurora Wedding-047Inns of Aurora Wedding-048Inns of Aurora Wedding-049Inns of Aurora Wedding-050Inns of Aurora Wedding-051Inns of Aurora Wedding-052Inns of Aurora Wedding-053Inns of Aurora Wedding-054Inns of Aurora Wedding-055Inns of Aurora Wedding-056Inns of Aurora Wedding-057Inns of Aurora Wedding-058

Sara and Anthony were married in Skaneateles and then celebrated at Lodge at Welch Allyn. My favorite moment of the day was when Anthony teared up when he saw his bride walk down the aisle. You may think that first looks spoil the drama of the “aisle” moment but Anthony’s tears are clear evidence to the opposite. Another thing I loved was the generous amount of time we got to work with Sara prior to the ceremony…I am such a sucker for a veil!! You two make a beautiful couple (inside and out) thank you for including me in your happy day!

Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-01Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-02Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-03Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-04Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-05Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-06Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-07Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-08Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-010Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-011Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-012Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-013Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-014Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-015Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-016Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-017Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-018Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-019Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-020Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-021Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-022Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-023Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-024Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-025Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-026Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-027Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-028Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-029Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-030Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-031Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-032Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-033Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-034Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-035Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-036Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-037Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-038Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-039Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-040Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-042Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-041Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-043Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-044Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-045Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-046Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-047Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-048Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-049Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-050Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-051Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-052Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-053Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-054Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-055Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-056Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-057Skaneateles Wedding Photographer-058

Christina and Brian were married at the Aurora Inn on a brilliant June day. I’d like to think that the day’s sparkling brilliance was a refection of their love for each other, these two were just radiant together…thank you for inviting me into your love story! I wish you both the best and many, many, many wonderful years together!

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